Abbott Capital and its principals have a proven track record, excellent reputation and most importantly, an ability to close deals.

We look at each potential deal holistically in order to gauge the value-added potential. Abbott’s team is knowledgeable in upgrading properties and increasing rents while managing current tenancy.

We speak cap rates, NOI & DSCR but also strive to provide the best residential experience for our tenants.

Abbott Capital’s deals run the gamut from Class C to new construction multifamily in the states of Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. We have closed loans with the agencies such as Fannie Mae and other large financial institutions.

Jordan Desnick has many years of multifamily real estate experience. As the leader of Abbott Capital, Jordan has identified deals, led due diligence reviews, obtained bank loans, closed many 100+ unit multifamily properties. Via his education of having a degree in Finance and Accounting coupled with a Juris Doctor from the George Washington University, Jordan has the ability to look at deals from many vantage points. As a non-practicing attorney, Jordan devotes his full time to real estate while still utilizing his legal education to assist due diligence. Jordan is very hands on with the asset management team at Abbott Capital and does property inspections, impromptu walks of the property and personally will review renovations before giving the keys to the new tenant. Jordan believes stellar property management is key to an asset’s long term worth and will decide on a case by case basis if self-management or third party management is right for an asset. Jordan has many relationships in the multi-family real estate universe and can happily provide references, if desired.

260 units in Sanford, Florida (Orlando MSA)

  • Purchased two properties across the street from one another for ~$50,000/door
  • Re-tenanted one property after heavy renovation due to deferred maintenance, upgraded entire amenity set by adding playground, grilling areas, new internet cafe, laundry room
  • Raised rents to market (20-25% increase) after upgrades while keeping many tenants
  • Abbott’s special purpose entities sold the properties for over $70,000/door for a large return on equity